I have finally become a true flower girl (well, maybe). I was at Walmart recently, and strolled by the seedling packets. So many beautiful flowers all lined up and ready for us Mainers to plant. But which to choose? The variety is overwhelming, and I was so unsure what to grab.

Now that my wife and I are officially part of the homeowner's club, we've decided it's time to spruce up our boring yard with some color!

Our neighborhood is like a garden club on its, own because each yard is bursting with color from the flowers. Our neighbors don't just have green thumbs. They have green bodies.

So we snagged up some morning glory, forget-me-nots, coleus, and zinnias.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Truth be told, I just picked them because they looked nice. I am about as clueless in the garden department as I am when I cook.

But hey, now that I'm a "garden woman," I figure it's time to get serious about this hobby I have always wanted to have. I desperately need tips on which plants or flowers won't scream bloody murder when I stick them in the ground this May and June.

According to AC Yard Services, there are just under a dozen plants that are perfect to plant this time of year in Maine! But let me tell you what's funny: none of the plants I grabbed are on that list.

I found some flowers I've never heard of before, and they're downright beautiful. You know, the kind you see around but never bother to ask their names?

Take bloodroot, for example. Ever heard of it? Turns out, despite the ominous name, it's actually a lovely white flower. Who knew?

Take a peak below at the lovely flowers that are perfect to put in your ground right now here in Maine!

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Bloom baby bloom!

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