WMTW reported on YouTube that our latest storm has affected Maine in a brutal way, ripping apart homes on the coast.

This massive storm terrorized homes in Georgetown, Maine, with a population of only 1,000 people. This town was one of the hardest hit after this storm swept through Maine coastal towns a few days ago.

Fred Immerman's home in Georgetown was highlighted by WMTW as one of the homes that these high wind gusts and storm surges tore through.

Immerman remarked that when he looked outside, he said those were the biggest waves he's seen there. He splits his time between New York and Maine, and in the 11 years that he has been traveling up to Maine, he has never seen such large waves.

The damage collapsed his back deck, and the waves pushed the deck and fuel tank over.

Furthermore, many docks and lobster tracks were pummeled and destroyed by the waves. There is debris everywhere just floating in the water on the coast.

In addition, a little further out, The Cookhouse was destroyed by this storm on Malden Island. You can see footage of the destruction below from Storyful News & Weather on YouTube. 

Resident Stephen Mace told WMTW that they haven't seen storm damage like this since 1978.

This video clearly shows the waves pulling the house under water due to the powerful winds and waves.

These storms are certainly putting Maine coastal residents on edge.

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