A daring rescue occurred recently when a 43-year-old Mainer found herself in a risky situation on Wednesday, September 20, according to WGME.

The news station reported that she broke her ankle while hiking up Knife's Edge trail on Mount Katahdin.

The Maine National Guard posted a Facebook post about the situation in which they quickly responded to a distress call and with the help of fellow hikers in her group, she was cable-hoisted to a Black Hawk helicopter.

The hiker was airlifted to a local airport in Millinocket before being transferred to a hospital for medical treatment, the Maine National Guard stated.

Major General Douglas Farnham, Maine's adjutant general, said in the Facebook post:

"On top of our federal mission, it's our privilege to be able to support our neighbors and communities. Our men and women train hard to live up to our motto of 'Always Ready, Always There."  

Black hawk rescues may seem rare but they do happen and have recently.

A black hawk rescue took place about a year ago, according to News Center Maine  YouTube, where two people on the same day had to be rescued by a Black Hawk for two separate injuries.

They were both injured hiking on the mountain. They were also taken to the Millinocket hospital.

It's important to keep in mind that these trails can be tricky and taking this moment can be dangerous. Maine's wild is beautiful but it is also not forgiving. Also, be cautious and properly outfitted to hike these mountains in Maine.

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