The 'Grinch Storm' has etched itself into our memories already, hitting us hard and nearly surpassing the 1987 Maine storm record.

The overwhelming and shocking sight of the waters in Maine really surpassed our expectations, showing that this storm was much worse than expected.

But photographers across Maine have taken it upon themselves to reveal the extent of the damage in Central Maine, with one such photographer being local legend Dave Dostie.

Dave Dostie Photography
Dave Dostie Photography

This is all because of the raising water levels. And this isn't just a fast moving current, it's so fast that it's catching items you don't normally see.

Central Maine might not have any electrical current, but we sure do have a hell of a river current. Many witnessed a refrigerator and port-a-potty floating down the Kennebec yesterday.

According to CMP, most of Maine is still without power. CMP has restored 117,000 since Monday, but there are currently still hundreds of thousands without power.

He consistently brings us a blend of creativity, talent, and realism, providing us with a unique perspective on the world.

Take a look below at the horrific yet incredible shots taken by Dave Dostie of our recent historic storm in Maine.

Kennebec River's Fury Unleashed in Central Maine: Dramatic Photos

Check out these intense photos of the Grinch Storm in Maine. 

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

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