Nothing says 'Maine' more than state themed holiday events! A tradition in the Pine Tree State is decorating Christmas trees with lobster traps.

Some of these trees will leave you in awe, thinking "These people are so darn talented!"

For those of you who are not Maine natives, you may be asking why people are decorating their trees with lobster traps?

Well, many Maine towns have embraced the art of building their own enormous Yuletide trees using lobster traps.

According to Downeast, this was inspired by Gloucester, Massachusetts, which started the beloved concept back in 2001. So the fishing communities from Kittery to Cutler adopted this tradition.

Rockland was the first to build its lobster trap tree in 2003, and still does so to this day, as shown in the YouTube video below.

Many other towns have joined forces, and many natives and tourists travel to witness these awe-inspiring festive trees this year!

One of my favorite lobster trap trees is in Jonesboro, Maine, at the Grange, and the colors are fantastic. Jonesboro Grange has been decorating and creating these festive trees for some time now, and they get better each year.

These trees are perfect for your holiday family photo! For a glimpse of the most epic Maine-style Christmas trees, you can explore the gallery below!

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These stunning lobster trap Christmas trees will leave you in awe of their Maine Magic!

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