I am hopeful that this article can help spread awareness and lead to the discovery of this extremely special lost item.

Brandy Silver, owner of Canvases and Cocktails, is pleading with the public to help her loving father find what all of us would assume is probably is closest and most precious possession.

Brandy believes posting this could be a long shot, but she is trying nonetheless.

Her father has been shuttling back and forth between MidCoast Hospital in Brunswick, Maine, Maine General Health in Augusta and Waterville, and Oak Grove Nursing Home in Waterville since New Year's Eve.

As Brandy states in a Facebook post on What's Up Waterville, Maine, apparently, somewhere amidst the constant travel and movement between Augusta and Waterville, this priceless necklace containing their mother's ashes was lost.

The jewelry is something he is often seen wearing.

It closely resembles a heart-shaped necklace with his wife's ashes inside.

Brandy is hoping that by sharing this, someone from these facilities or the public itself might have found it, or it could have been dropped along the way and found by a passerby.

Brandy Silver via Facebook
Brandy Silver via Facebook

Brandy and her dad are keeping their fingers crossed for this necklace to return home soon.

If you have stumbled upon this necklace, please let Brandy know on Facebook. 

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