Maine is a pretty awesome place to live and visit, isn't it?

I mean seriously, there is something for literally everyone here in the Pine Tree State.

Whether you want to hike a mountain, go on a whale watch, drown your sorrows in world-class craft beer or take a dip in the Atlantic, there's something for everyone.

But, how about those of us that are into all things paranormal? You know the type, right? Those of us always picking up those subtle signs from loved ones who have passed. Those of us who believe in ghostly encounters, UFOs and love listening to Coast to Coast AM.

Well, I have good news for you, too. Returning for its umpteenth year, the Fort Knox Paranormal Fair is returning to the mid-coast this summer.

From paranormal authors to ghost hunters and everything in between, the For Knox Paranormal fair will be a plethora of all things ghostly.

The event will happen on Saturday, August 16, and run from 1 to 4 p.m.

According to the Facebook event page,

Ever heard that there is a Bigfoot creature in Maine? Maine has many weird and wondrous secrets. Meet with enthusiasts, fans and professionals who believe in all things unusual. Guest speakers include psychics, ghost hunters, cryptozoologists, and UFO experts who will demonstrate their gifts and provide presentations and lectures on their natural, unnatural and supernatural experiences from across Maine.

Do you believe in the paranormal? Will you be checking out the fair this summer?

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