Avis Tolman is a Maine woman living at the Bartlett Woods Retirement Home in Rockland.

According to WGME, Avis just recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Turning 100 years old is a celebration in and of itself, but Avis had a unique and specific request for her special day.

Her wish is to invite 100 dogs to share in celebrating her birthday.

Avis was born and raised in Rockville, and built a home in Glen Cove. She and her husband raised their family there. She worked as an engineer before moving to Barlett Woods in 2016 near her family, as per the article. 

Avis has always been a dog lover throughout her whole life. She has always dreamed of a dog-themed birthday for her 100th.

This remarkable wish not only exemplifies the bond between humans and animals, but also shows the importance of love and companionship, regardless of how old you are.

Unfortunately, they didn't quite get all 100 pups to attend. But they did get a bunch, and the dogs that attended enjoyed cuddling and celebrating with Avis.

The centenarian found herself surrounded by her beloved four-legged companions, and the photos clearly show the joy radiating from her as she interacted with each furry guest.

From exchanging gentle pats to showering them with her loving words, she showed an undeniable connection with the dogs. Their presence filled the air with warmth and laughter, creating unforgettable moments of camaraderie and happiness.

Did you know that dogs can make you feel younger?

According to Huffington Post, a study was done that showed if you are older and own a dog, you are more physically fit, and your mental health is better than a non-dog owner.

The studies show, in part,

Results suggest that dog ownership may motivate personal activity and enable older people to overcome many potential barriers to [getting out and being physically active], On average, older dog owners were 12% more active than their counterparts who did not own a dog.

In my opinion, nothing is off limits when it comes to celebrating yourself. The life that Avis has lived is beautiful, and she deserves everything she wants, including all the puppies in Maine!

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