Three-year-old Pua the dog has captured the attention of so many people. Why?

According to WABI, Pua is a Houdini Hound/Great Dane mix who wandered through ten towns across three counties after going missing from his Dover-Foxcroft home in June.

He was found five months later in Corinna, went under the care of a trainer, and is now ready for adoption, as reported.

As the article states, Tyler Jones from Purpose Pups in Newport has been working closely with Pua and sees him as a therapy dog in the future.

Pua has shown so much progress and has displayed a calm and affectionate character. Bonding quickly with his trainers and caretakers, he has undergone training sessions and is mastering basic commands. Pua likes to learn!

The amazing folks at Purpose Pups have even created a Facebook group with over 1,000 members just for Pua, called "Pua's Next Chapter."

However, finding the right home is so important for this pup's continued growth. What the folks at Purpose Pups would like to see is his new family being highly committed to continuing his training and supporting his growth to becoming a certified therapy dog.

Lynn Robinson via Facebook
Lynn Robinson via Facebook

Pua also gets along well with other dogs and can adapt to living with cats or small children.

If you are interested in welcoming this little warrior into your home, you can reach out to Tyler Jones at Purpose Pups, call 694-8227 or email for more information on adoption!

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