When I first heard about this trick, I was extremely skeptical. But once I tried it, it actually worked. Do you add hair products regularly? Well, you might want to consider a product-free summer. I know what it sounds like, but if your allergies are as bad as mine, you'll be willing to try just about anything to make them disappear for good.

This trick is obviously somewhat of a last resort, and to be honest, I know you are not going to completely stop doing your hair just because of allergies. However, if you know you are going to be outside mowing the lawn, just think about refraining from using hair care products beforehand. Why?

According to Teladoc, by reducing the use of sticky hair products, you may reduce your allergies. These products can attract more pollen, because the pollen particles easily stick to your hair and clothing.

If you cut back on your hair care products, you may be able to cut back on your sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose. You won't know unless you try it.

Another rare hack is to start eating more greens.

As the site says,

Eat your greens. Studies have shown that foods filled with antioxidants – fruits, veggies and even nuts – can help fight inflammation. Be sure to take extra caution if you have food allergies.

This makes sense because inflammation is part of what takes place when you have an allergy attack. Eating greens will help add those good antioxidants to help fight those allergy symptoms.

The last rare and unique way to fight off allergies is to try acupuncture! This doctor says, according to Timethat many of his patients find acupuncture helpful for allergy relief. The science supports this, because a 2013 study was able to show that allergy sufferers who added in acupuncture with antihistamines had fewer symptoms and needed less medication than those who received fake acupuncture or no treatment.

To sum it up: skip the hair care products, eat some lettuce, and poke yourself with needles (a.k.a. acupuncture). That should keep those allergies at bay!

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