Lately, I've been exploring different faith traditions with an open mind.
While I personally am a spiritual person and have a deep connection with energy and nature, I deeply respect the diverse range of beliefs and religions across the world. I wonder which religion dominates our state?

I am also widely curious on the millions of different beliefs, especially the obscure.

Speaking of which, have you ever heard of "The Coconut Religion"? It's a fascinating example of a religion that I have never heard of. It hails from Vietnam, and centers around eating only coconuts and coconut milk. They even established a "Coconut Kingdom" on a Mekong River islet, with their leader affectionately known as "His Coconutship."

Now, back to our question about which religion is most followed in Maine. Let's dive into that.

According to Maine Religion, there are many different churches welcoming people from all kinds of religions. The churches and sanctuaries in Maine offer a mix of services, like teaching about their faith, holding worship sessions, organizing community events, and helping those who are struggling.

These churches are a source of comfort for people in Maine, offering support and a sense of belonging no matter their background or what they're going through.

The site pulled data and measured which is most followed, and that is Catholicism. 14.5% are Catholic out of the 27.6% of the people in Maine that are religious.

The Roman Catholic Diocese reported to having 141 churches in Maine, according to Maine Legislature. 

The main beliefs of Catholicism, according to Study, is as follows:

There is only one God. Jesus Christ is the divine son of God. God is a trinity comprised of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus was born of a virgin.

The second most followed is Christianity, followed by Presbyterian and Baptist.

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