A New Hampshire woman is alive today thanks to the quick thinking of a local garbage truck driver and area rescue crews.

According to an article published by WGME 13, the incident happened in Manchester, New Hampshire, when a woman says she fell into a dumpster when she was throwing trash away.

After she had fallen into the dumpster, a trash truck came along, hoisted the dumpster into the air, and dumped the contents into the hopper, the news station reported.

WGME said that a little while later, the driver noticed someone in the back of the truck through a camera screen that was mounted in the cab.

Carl Campbell, unsplash
Carl Campbell, unsplash

The driver immediately stopped the truck and called for help, according to the news station, and responding crews were able to use a basket attached to a crane to get to the woman and lift her out of the truck.

Fortunately, the woman survived the ordeal but was taken to an area hospital with what are being described by WGME as serious injuries.

Officials say that at this time they are not quite certain how long the woman had been inside of the dumpster before being picked up by the garbage truck or what specifically led her to fall into the dumpster in the first place.

However, the woman is alive today thanks to a quick-thinking trash truck driver and the ingenuity of first responders.

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