This adorable little unicorn was found, and wants to go home to its mommy or daddy!

Kids often lose or drop their beloved items. I remember when my little one tossed his shoes out the window as a baby.

A child in Maine has lost their adorable little unicorn, and a picture posted on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook page caught my attention.

The nice folks in Harrison, Maine, who found her put her on their mailbox, with signs that read:

I'm trying to get back to my family. I am resting on Plains Road.

I knew I had to act quick and spread the word, because what if this unicorn is anything like my kangaroo?

I had a stuffed kangaroo when I was little. She was pink, and fittingly-named Kangy. I left her at a local fair once, and was absolutely wrecked about it. Thankfully, my mom ran back and found her for me, but I was so upset when I thought I lost my best friend forever.

So let’s spread the word and reunite this adorable unicorn with its owner!

The post mentions that this stuffed animal was found on Plains Road in Harrison, Maine. 

If you know the owner or family of this cutie, please contact the person who posted it on Facebook!

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