This week, Scarborough police made a little boy's birthday and Christmas extra special, so much so that it almost brought tears to my eyes! This will certainly be one unforgettable year for this young Mainer.

There was an investigation on a stolen bike incident involving a young boy named Ezra, according to Scarborough PD. 

Upon discovering that Ezra was about to celebrate his 5th birthday, the evening shift for the Scarborough PD decided to do something more.

Scarborough police took it upon themselves (with the help of K9 Tucker) to send a letter to Santa, requesting some extra magical assistance.

According to Scarborough PD, just when hope seemed lost, Sgt. Flynn got to work to find a letter from Santa on his desk addressed to "Ezra (From the Nice List)." Along with the letter came a very special delivery!

The evening shift was thrilled and overjoyed to go to Ezra's home and present him with his combined birthday and Christmas gift.

The letter stated that Santa and his elves are taking time from their busy schedule to prepare this early gift for Ezra.

The special delivery occurred on Thursday evening as the post states, and judging by the photos, it's very clear that this visit from the Scarborough PD surpassed the impact of the initial crime involving the stolen bike.

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