After receiving a tip to look into a breeder in New Hampshire, Tona McCarthy, the cruelty investigator for the NHSPCA, initiated a sudden rescue on Wednesday. This rescue brought almost 80 of the most adorable little animals to the SPCA facility in Stratton.

This is according to News Center Maine, and before this, I have never heard of a sugar glider. After seeing photos, my heart exploded with love for these animals.

A sugar glider is a nocturnal, small possum native to New Guinea, Australia, and Moluccas, according to Merriam Webster. 

Henry Lai via Unsplash/Canva Pro
Henry Lai via Unsplash/Canva Pro

Once the crews arrived, they discovered dirty cages and unfed animals during the rescue.

Now, the 79 sugar gliders are going through medical evaluations and will then be either transferred to another rescue center or made available for adoption, as the article states. 

According to the report, the facility where the sugar gliders originated is currently under investigation.

After the rescue, according to their Facebook page, the New Hampshire SPCA is reaching out to the community for support because there are items needed for these sweet little guys! The SPCA put out wish list on Amazon for support, and also posted a donation page to gain needed supplies.

The community has helped so much so that the SPCA posted on their Facebook page to express their gratitude to all the animal lovers.

If you would like to help these innocent animal victims, please make a donation today. 

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