According to WGME, law enforcement officials are seeking an extremely uncoordinated thief who was recently captured on surveillance footage fumbling and spilling cartons of cigarettes onto the floor during an attempted robbery at a local smoke shop.

The police were called in for a "smash and grab" at the Maine Smoke Shop on Park Street in Rockland.

The alarm had gone off after the thief was in the middle of his heist, and he fumbled and dropped cartons of cigarettes on the floor before fleeing.

If you watch the video that WGME posted on their Facebook page, this guy is slipping all over the place. Once he drops his first handful, it's all downhill from there, and he is ungracefully tripping all over the place.

Once the police got to the scene at 9:30pm this past Tuesday, he was gone.

Because he left in a hurry, they didn't lose much merchandise. Nonetheless, the store incurred a considerable amount of damage during the incident, so the police department is asking for your help, as the article states.

Even though the thief was caught on camera, he hasn't been physically caught, so if you have any tips to help officials, please contact Police Det. Sgt. Max King at (207) 594-0316 ext. 231, according to WGME.

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