Our community often comes together to accomplish truly remarkable things together that leave a lot of us surprised.

Unfortunately, we've recently faced severe storms that have taken a huge toll on our coastal areas. These high wings and massive storms have caused significant damage. Homes have been devastated, and the relentless forces of these wind and waves have been formidable to coastal towns.

In response to these recent storms on the coast, dozens of people have volunteers to try and shield one historic home in Georgetown, according to WMGE. It's call the Webster Home.

It's an oceanfront home that has suffered basement flooding from last weeks' brutal coastal storm. In addition to the flooding, the home has seen erosion of protective sand dunes with added to the threat.

As the article states, the Webster Family, along with community members, were not going to let this historical home be washed away or destroyed.

So, the Webster family decided to host a "sandbag party," they hosted over 60 volunteers to help place 1,500 sandbags around the home. The bags weighed a total of 50,000 pounds, according to the report. 

This effort aimed to help fortify the home against potential damage from upcoming storms.

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