So many factors keep the Clam Shack popping as the best place for clams!

Now it's thanks to the Cheapism Blog, which named the Clam Shack as one of the best seafood shacks in the country.

Daryl Getman The Clam Shack Facebook
Daryl Getman The Clam Shack Facebook

They've been in Kennebunkport for over 50 years. The fish market has been there even longer, since the '30s! Then in 1968, the small shack hanging over the Kennebunk River started serving its legendary takeout seafood. In 2000, a new owner took over, but has kept the promise to keep both the shack and seafood market's iconic position in Maine. It's so good, it's landed as a top spot in the world for clams!

What to order at Kennebunkport's Clam Shack

Yelp Elisa F
Yelp Elisa F

According to Cheapism Blog, you can't go wrong with either the lobster roll or clam strips.

The seafood shack's walk-up counter sells award-winning fried seafood and lobster rolls served on a freshly baked and buttered hamburger bun from a local bakery. Its riverfront locale and lobster crates for tables and chairs make it a must-visit spot for a pound of sweet hand-picked-meat lobster or some fried clam strips in the summertime.

The Clam Shack has rave reviews from every corner of the media universe. The prestigious New York Times has written about the unpretentious shack four times. The Wall Street Journal went looking for "the tastiest, heftiest, just-out-of-the-ocean-freshest takes on the classic summer sandwich," and found it at the Clam Shack.

Put a visit on your 2024 summer to-do list!

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