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If you've ever driven along Route 1 in Brunswick, Maine, especially on a weekend, then you've seen with your own eyes that one of Maine's most popular diners is never short of customers.

Because between their delicious food, over-the-top friendly staff, and the fact they serve you half-off mimosas while you're waiting in line, there's not one reason to avoid going to the Brunswick Diner ever.

Not even to ask one of the biggest questions you could ask early on in life.

Google Maps / the.brunswick.diner via Instagram
Google Maps / the.brunswick.diner via Instagram

Promposal Ideas

With prom season right around the corner (and, in reality, already here between having to secure dates, tuxes, dresses, corsages, boutonnieres, limos, hair appointments, etc.), young creative minds are going a mile a minute trying to figure out a creative, memorable way to ask their desired and hopeful date to prom.

For some, it'll be an elaborate, over the top production involving multiple friends, signs, banners, glitter, music -- the works.

For others, it'll be as simple as nonchalantly asking, "Hey, wanna go to prom?"

But for Harpswell, Maine, students Tucker and Grace, it was something somewhere in between.

the.brunswick.diner via Instagram
the.brunswick.diner via Instagram

Brunswick Diner Tucker and Grace Promposal

With a little help from the crew at the Brunswick Diner, Tucker and his girlfriend Grace cozied into a booth inside the diner.

What Grace didn't realize was that Tucker had shown up to the Diner super early to deliver his creative and private promposal -- a mock newspaper article from the aptly named The Tucker & Grace Times with one major headline "above the fold":

Tucker asks Grace to Prom: Will She Say Yes?

Underneath a cute picture of the young couple was a quick blurb about Tucker and Grace, mentioning her being "quite the catch" with a rumored stunning prom look, while also asking the question on whether Tucker would be able to "pull off an epic promposal?"

the.brunswick.diner via Instagram
the.brunswick.diner via Instagram

Spoiler: He did pull off an epic promposal and she said yes!

Congrats to Tucker and Grace, and all the other successful promposals all over Maine and here's to all the couples embarking on what will hopefully be one of the best and most memorable nights of their lives!

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