The reopening of Just-In-Time Recreation in Lewiston, Maine, is some of the best news we've heard in a long time.

Just-In-Time Recreation was one of two businesses involved in Maine's deadliest shooting ever. It was in October 2023 that a gunman went on a shooting spree killing 18, wounding others, and scarring many more.

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The owner Justin Juray (no, that's not why it's called Just-In-Time), was devastated. This family-friendly bowling alley and restaurant just became part of history for all the wrong reasons. It was months before he made the decision to reopen. In January, he started to renovate. He had to. He couldn't reopen unless he could remove as much of the memory as possible.

Just-In-Time Recreation Facebook
Just-In-Time Recreation Facebook

It was a long, hard process. But good news was recently announced.

I don't know if Justin knows how much this reopening means to Mainers. I think he does, but I bet even he's surprised by the response. Reading the Facebook comments can truly bring you to tears.

Very proud of you and I know that our community is behind you 100%


Lots of hard work and dedication to your community! Congratulations!


I'm so happy to hear this. I realize it's going to hard for some for a long time but thank you.


Wishing you a beautiful reopen full of love and support and healing!!!


I look forward to being a new customer!

But it was Diane Drouin's comment that got me the most.

A huge Thank you to all involved for putting the money, time & hard work into reopening. I'm sure this was a very difficult task, but you stood tall & did this for the entire community. My grandson, Shayne Macfarlane was 1 of many who unfortunately witnessed the tragedy. He cannot wait to get back into doing what he Loves, as I am sure the entire bowling family is. I have no doubt the reopening will be a huge success. This community will support you all the way as you have supported all of us. This will be yet another step in the healing process. Best Wishes for many more years of success providing family fun. Job well done & appreciated. 🎳 💖. "Absolutely Love the banner of Shayne also. Love this young man very much & proud of him."

This is the new banner of Shayne.

Just-In-Time Recreation Facebook
Just-In-Time Recreation Facebook

To anyone who lent a hand in making this reopening happen, thank you. We cannot wait to celebrate your triumphant return!

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