St. Patrick's Day

For some, it's their favorite holiday of the year. No matter what day March 17 falls on during the week, it's always some sort of vacation day that's filled with green beer, corned beef and cabbage, Guinness, and all the sláinte and Erin Go Bragh chants.

For others -- mainly those that participate in Lent and choose to give up alcohol -- it's a true test of strength and will.

Regardless of which side of the golden coin you fall on, there's no denying one overlying observation -- St. Patrick's Day is hands down one of the most festive days of the year, Irish background or not.

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

Southie Parade

You can't think of St. Patrick's Day in New England without thinking of one of the hottest spots in the region -- and really, the country in general -- South Boston, Massachusetts, mainly because of the massive and iconic parade that takes place every year in the city.

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It's like the New England version of the New Year's ball dropping in Times Square -- an event that everyone should experience in person at least once in their lives, for no other reason than to check it off their bucket list (but it's also just an all-around fun day.)

But, that said, for people with actual responsibilities in life (pets, kids, the desire to live a life without a DUI on their record ever, etc.), it can be a pain to get down there, and especially to get back.

Getty Stock / Google Maps / Patrick Fore via Unsplash
Getty Stock / Google Maps / Patrick Fore via Unsplash

Maine St. Patrick's Day

Downeaster trips and Uber rides aside, for those that don't feel like making the long trek down to Southie for the parade this St. Paddy's, there are plenty of hot spots beloved and recommended by residents right here in Maine (and the most-recommended comes as a bit of an unexpected shocker!)

Maine's Most Recommended Spots to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

The overall most-recommended may shock you!

Gallery Credit: Jadd

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