Ready to have your taste buds dancing with excitement?

How does attending some of Maine's best food festivals for 2024 sound?

That means feasting on tasty delicacies that range from the classic lobster to the delicious whoopie pie, all while exploring different parts of the state.

Ever been to the Moxie Festival? According to the event's website, this would mark Moxie Days' 40th year. In addition to celebrating the Maine drink, there's going to be a parade, fireworks, eating contests and so much more.

It will be a sea of orange from July 12 to 14 in Lisbon.

Or what about The Red Hot Dog Festival in Dexter on August 10? This one-day party is centered around the red hot dog (listen for the snapping). Can you really pass this one up?

Honestly, with so many options, you can hit up the ones that pique your interest or try all of them if you're up for the challenge.

We've compiled a list of 13 of the best food festivals you've got to attend that will cover you from May through September 2024. Get your calendars ready and your friends and family in the car, this is going to be a food adventure to remember.

Plus, you might discover your new favorite food or dish. Is anyone else's mouth watering already? Who else is ready to eat?

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