It's been four years since the Maine State Aquarium closed, and it's coming back this summer!

According to the Boothbay Register, the Maine State Aquarium initially closed in 2020 because of COVID-19. That's when they did an inspection and found that the building (over 30 years old) had some severe damage. The Maine Department of Marine Resources, which owns and runs the aquarium, found big problems in the walls, floor, and electrical system thanks to saltwater corrosion. They did not anticipate being closed for so long! But then the aquarium was plagued by the same problems many businesses faced: supply chain and labor shortages. But the announcement to reopen has been made!

The renovations are massive, with over one million dollars invested in the new and improved aquarium! One of the most exciting features is the new touch tank!

Is everything back like it was at the Maine State Aquarium?

No. Some favorites were damaged beyond repair. In an interview with the Boothbay Register, Education Division Director Dottie Yunger explained some things wouldn't be coming back,

The floor needed to come up and walls needed to come down. The mural had nails drilled into the wall. We did what we could to salvage it, but all we could do is photograph it and have prints made.

Installing a new floor meant they had to remove the 11,000-pound rock wall. They decided against building a new one because they were worried the floor couldn't handle the weight.

Here are the details of when they will be open, and how much it will cost to visit.

You won't have to wait much longer! Make plans to add the Maine State Aquarium to your summer fun!

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