A woman had to pull over on the side of I-95 because of a medical issue, and lost her purse.

Maine State troopers get all sorts of calls for all sorts of issues. But on June 5, 2024, troopers got a call from an older woman who was driving and lost her purse. She was going southbound on I-95 between Pittsfield and Augusta, and had to pull over because of a medical emergency. That's when she lost her purse on the side of the road.

Maine State Police Facebook
Maine State Police Facebook

But Trooper Logan Roberts, with the help of his patrol K9 Geno, figured out the area where the woman had been driving, and searched for the missing purse. Thanks to their teamwork and dedication, Trooper Roberts and Geno found the purse untouched on the side of I-95 in Pittsfield. They were able to bring the purse back to its very grateful owner. According to the Facebook post,

This incident showcases just one of the many effective utilizations of K-9 teams.


K9 teams are vital in the Maine State Police force.

This is the graduating class of 2022. In this class are Trooper Logan and K9 Geno. It's a tough 14 weeks that the officer trains with his K9, but the bond and intelligence of both the officer and K9 are impressive.

Officer Logan and K9 Geno

Maine State Police Facebook
Maine State Police Facebook

Thank you both for going above and beyond and finding that woman's purse. Obviously, she had a rough night, and to lose her purse on top of it all must have been devastating. But to have you take her request to heart and help doesn't just mean a lot to her (and it did!). It means a lot to all of us you serve. Thank you!

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