It's a once-in-a-lifetime event that none of us want to miss. Seeing the total solar eclipse that will pass over Maine on April 8 is a phenomenon that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Families will go out together to get a view of this exciting celestial event, and many will bring their dogs because they're part of the family too. However, if you are planning to bring your dog, you might want to think twice about that.

Here are some things you should know if you are bringing your furry friend to the eclipse viewing.

Don't Put Eclipse Glasses on Your Dog

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Dogs aren't dumb. According to Forbes Magazine, dogs don't look up at the sun because they know better. All animals know better. It just takes one look into the sky to know that it's too bright to look at, and dogs have more important things on their mind, like "When's dinner?"

There's no need to bother with eclipse glasses. Ever tried to put glasses on a dog? They don't like it, and an eclipse (which they have no comprehension of) isn't going to change their mind. Also, don't force your dog to look at the eclipse. If you do, you're not as smart as your dog.

Dogs May Become Confused When It Starts Getting Darker

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Eclipses, of course, will make it darker, especially with all of Maine seeing over 90% of the sun obscured by the moon. This could confuse dogs and other animals because they aren't used to it getting dark quickly. A Forbes dog expert says that dogs who are frightened by thunderstorms may get frightened as it gets darker, like it often does when thunderstorms approach.

If you're able to, it may be best to leave your dog at home or with a dog-sitter during the eclipse.

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