The next time you take a flight out of the Portland Jetport, you may be interested to see a new display in the terminal that holds the second-largest piece of the Moon that has landed on Earth.

"Fly Me To the Moon and Mars" is a display from the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum in Bethel that will have 18 meteorite specimens from the Moon, Mars, and the asteroid named Vesta when it's finished. It is set to open to the public on March 26.

One of those 18 meteorites is the second-largest piece of the moon to land on Earth. According to a press release for the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum,
experts have documented less than 700 confirmed lunar meteorites that have been discovered on Earth. The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum has the largest collection of lunar meteorites in the world, even more than NASA.

Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

I'm fascinated with space, so this stuff is right up my alley, but it makes me want to ask questions. How does a piece of the moon make it to Earth? How old are the meteorites that they will have on display? These are questions that the renowned astrophysicist Neal DeGrasse Tyson could answer, but I'm betting this display at the Portland Jetport will also have some answers to your questions.

The exhibit is open to the public beginning March 26 at the Portland International Jetport, and will be there for five years. In the meantime, take a day trip with the kids to beautiful downtown Bethel to visit the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum on Main Street.

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