Our state is so beautiful that even the New York Times is now writing about it. I can't say I'm shocked, especially during the summertime, when I catch myself saying, "It's wild I live in a place where people vacation." I love the concept behind the NYT's writeup, since most people come here for the weekend during the summer. It's a suggested itinerary for you if you're spending at least 36 hours in Portland, Maine. I think that some of these recommendations are spot-on, since the author lives very close to Maine. But I'd have to politely disagree with others. Either way let's start here.

Here are 11 "must-visit"  restaurants in Portland that the author chose.

1. Cong Tu Bot
2. Ugly Duckling
3. II Leone
4. Luke's Lobster
5. Bar Futo
6. Hot Suppa!
7. Bite into Maine's Fort Williams food truck
8. Oxbow Blending & Bottling
9. Anoche
10. One Longfellow Square
11. Blue Portland Maine

These are all fantastic recommendations, although there's some I've never been to. However, as a local living in Portland, I think there's a few different places I'd suggest over some of these. Here are my recommendations:

1. $3 Dewey's
2. Mash-Tun
3. Via Vecchia

Overall, you can't go wrong when you visit Portland, Maine. There's something for everybody, even the kids, so regardless if a restaurant is on this list or not, you can't lose.

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