Chef Bobby Marcotte

If you're familiar with the Food Network, especially a lot of Guy Fieri-hosted shows, then you're familiar with the favorite son of Derry, New Hampshire, Chef Bobby "The Butcher" Marcotte.

If you're not familiar with Bobby, you should be, because the dude is an absolute star (and a solid human being, too.)

Bobby Marcotte via Instagram
Bobby Marcotte via Instagram

Bobby Marcotte Restaurants

Over the last decade, Chef Bobby has been slowly, a bit quietly, and bit low-key (but not) been building an empire in the Granite State, and he's been spreading it out from the inland part of the state to near-coastal parts of New Hampshire.

It all started in 2012 with the opening of Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond (becoming its Executive Chef in 2013), which earlier this year was named the Best Burger in New Hampshire by WMUR. Known for their amazing beats, 2-for-1 lobster roll specials, and being featured twice on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, the Tuck truly served as Bobby's launching pad.

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From there, Bobby set his sights on Durham, opening both hop + grind -- which was named as the third best burger in NH earlier this year -- as well as rise + grind.

But Bobby didn't stop there, which brings us into his newly created "Beers at the Barn" series.

The Barn at Merry Hill via Instagram / Bobby Marcotte via Instagram
The Barn at Merry Hill via Instagram / Bobby Marcotte via Instagram

The Barn at Merry Hill in Nottingham, New Hampshire

A few months ago, after over a year of hard work and determination, Bobby opened his newest business, which, in his words, is open to birthday parties, work parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, divorce parties (no, seriously), The Barn at Merry Hill in Nottingham.

And that's the location for his first-ever installment of his "Beers at the Barn" series where, on Saturday, December 30, Chef Bobby will cook up six different courses that pair perfectly with the six brews that will be featured by his beer partner for this event, Rockingham Brewing Company.

Tickets sold out in just six hours, so if you missed out on this one, in Chef Bobby's own words,

...STAY TUNED.. more fun stuff down the pipeline!

It's great to see solid stuff happen to solid humans. Go get 'em, Chef!

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