Best Skiing in New Hampshire

Whether you're a native Granite Stater, Mainer, general New Englander, or not, it goes without saying that we're truly spoiled to live in this part of the country, because there's something for everyone.

In the summer, there are plenty of beaches and lakes to take advantage of. Fall? We don't need to say anything more than the word "foliage." Spring? The desire to be outdoors coming out of the winter months, hike all the trails, and enjoy the warmer weather on the way is all over.

And we know how grateful we are to live near so many amazing mountains in New Hampshire and Maine to shred down all winter long.

Google Maps / Photo by Marina Abrosimova on Unsplash
Google Maps / Photo by Marina Abrosimova on Unsplash

Gunstock Mountain

One of those amazing mountains is in Gilford, New Hampshire, and is always a go-to -- Gunstock Mountain. Where, over the weekend, an incident happened that has since not only made the rounds in New Hampshire as well as Maine, but has gone viral in general as a perfect example on how to simply be a good human.

After suffering what she simply called "a really bad ski injury," a woman named Renee Hebert Thompson posted to the Portsmouth, NH Facebook page in search of "a boy named Rocco in Portsmouth between the ages of 14 to 17 who was skiing at Gunstock."

Photo by Alex Lange on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Lange on Unsplash

According to the post by Renee, after suffering her injury, Rocco had stayed by Renee's side to prevent any other skiers or boarders from accidentally colliding with her until ski patrol came.

I just want to thank him and tell his parents what a good son they raised!!! And give him a small token of my appreciation! What a solid kid!!!!!!

And, in showing that regardless of the junk, negativity, and cesspool that it can generally be, there is still some good that happens on social media, not only was Rocco found, but so was his mother, who responded to Renee's message for everyone to see.

Hi Renee, I’m Rocco’s mom. He and his brother worked together last night to help you. They told me the story as soon as they walked in the door last night. I’m so sorry for your injury. We always hope we’re raising them right, this here is what it’s all about! Thank you so much for your kind words. They’re good boys.

Shoutout to Rocco and his brother for stopping their own fun night to help someone in need. Shoutout to Rocco's parents for raising him and his brother right. Shoutout to Renee for making sure these boys got their flowers. And shoutout to every commenter on that post that came together to celebrate all the people just mentioned above.

Sometimes, it's the most simple thing that can be the most inspirational.

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