Norman Reedus

He may be known best for his role as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead -- so much so that a spinoff strictly about his character hit AMC last fall, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon -- but Norman Reedus has been a successful actor for a while.

In fact, one of Norman's earlier popular roles was that of a vigilante named Murphy MacManus ridding the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, from underground criminals in The Boondock Saints, which was released in 1999.

Premiere Of "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" - Arrivals
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But it was a much lesser role which was possibly acknowledged and even paid tribute to recently in a small Maine college town.

Getty Images / MovieClips via YouTube
Getty Images / MovieClips via YouTube

Vacation Movie

The 2015 movie Vacation was a bit of a reboot of the infamous National Lampoon's Vacation franchise that was released in the '80s and starred Chevy Chase.

The reboot, which stars Ed Helms in the role of the adult version of Rusty Griswold, essentially follows the same formula it did in the '80s, with Ed as the new version of Chevy bringing the awkwardness and laughs.

Norman appears in a couple of the scenes as a truck driver who keeps running into the Griswold family, but one of the biggest identifiers of Norman's character is that he has a stuffed teddy bear bound to the front grill of his tractor trailer.


And something very similar was spotted on the streets of Brunswick, Maine, recently, as an SUV/wagon-type vehicle was traveling on Bath Road with a stuffed blue bear -- a character from the classic cartoon Care Bears -- strapped to the front of its grill.

A nod to Norman? A very random coincidence? The world may never know, but it's a possibility that Norman has a very devoted and dedicated fan right here in Maine.

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