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It's been a stone cold fact for about a handful of years at this point -- not only is the price of everything insanely high now, but more specifically, the price of homes.

And while there are some areas of the country that have it way worse than we do here in Maine (mainly major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, etc.), it doesn't make it any less difficult affording a home here, either.

And like you can compare the differences between major cities in the U.S. to Maine, you can also compare the differences between Maine cities and towns specifically, which is what we're doing here.

Waypoint Brokers Collective via Zillow / Realty of Maine via Zillow
Waypoint Brokers Collective via Zillow / Realty of Maine via Zillow

Maine Most Expensive

According to a study from the website Homesnacks, Portland is considered the most expensive place in Maine to live in. And, really, it's to the shock of absolutely nobody. It's a hotspot for Maine residents and tourists and has something for everyone -- great food, great drinks, great activities -- you can't go wrong.

Maine Most Affordable

On the opposite side of things, according to the real estate website Redfin, the most afforable place to live in Maine is Waterville (followed by Augusta, Bangor, and a few other spots.)

Maine Zillow

Speaking of real estate websites, Zillow is one of the go-to's not just in Maine, but across the country. Every now and then, Zillow will push ads on social media promoting new availability in different Maine cities and towns to live, including a condo complex in Portland on Washington Avenue.

Waypoint Brokers Collective via Zillow
Waypoint Brokers Collective via Zillow

With a listed price of over a half million dollars, we decided to compare what a $500K home in Maine's most expensive place to live looks like compared to a $500K home in Maine's most affordable place to live.

Half Million Dollar Homes in Portland, Maine, vs Waterville, Maine

Same state, similar price point, but two VERY different homes.

Gallery Credit: Jadd

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