Sam Ramsdell World Record

By now, especially if you're from Maine or have been living in the state for a bit, you know who Sam Ramsdell is. A native of Scarborough, back in 2021, Sam officially snagged her first Guinness World Record for largest female mouth gape.

She quickly followed that up with a second Guinness World Record a couple of years later in 2023, when she was also awarded the world record for widest female mouth.

And, really, that's what started helping her gain such a massive following on TikTok and Instagram, because not only is the width of her mouth a bit shocking (not in a bad or good way, just an unexpected way), but she's been known to post a lot of videos of her trying to stuff an entire wide piece of food in her mouth all at once.

samramsdell5 via Instagram
samramsdell5 via Instagram

Sam Ramsdell James TikTok

Throughout the years, though, her social platforms have grown for a completely different reason -- and it's possible that this new reason has gotten even more eyes on her videos than her world record mouth.

Her partner, James.

Because anytime anyone scrolls through Instagram or TikTok, comes across Sam's page and sees a video of two people executing some amazing feat with the words "*stitch incoming*", fans know two things are about to happen: 1) They're about to see something hilarious, and 2) They're about to hear what may be the two most popular words in Maine.

Ohhhhhhh Jaaaaaaaaames!!

Although, there's a chance we may not see these hilarious stitches anymore (and hopefully, this statement is proven wicked wrong.)

samramsdell5 via Instagram
samramsdell5 via Instagram

Sam Ramsdell Dropped Off Bridge

Hopefully, this was just another one of their hilarious stitches and not a combination of a stitch and also the "killing off" of this hilarious series of videos, but in their latest stitch video, Sam and James attempted to recreate a video where a man was holding a woman over a suspension bridge, and the woman gave the illusion that she was walking on air.

However, unlike the usual, "Ohhhhhhh Jaaaaaammmmeeesssssss!" that follows the viewing of the original video, James instead appeared on the video, flipping the script.

Ohhhhhhh Saaaaammmmmmmmmmm!

...and then proceeded to "drop her" off the bridge, ending the video on a mischievous smile and then doubling down in the comments section.

I would like to thank everyone for their support during these tough times while we try and figure out why @samramsdell5 has gone missing….


Again, hopefully this was the couple doing what they do best and entertaining the masses and giving a quick laugh as they scroll by, and not their way to end their insanely popular stitch series.

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