The video shows exactly what happened at the Topsham, Maine, Monster Truck Show.

The Monster Truck show was on Saturday, June 1, at the Topsham Fairgrounds on the dirt horse track. Mounds of dirt were added for jumps, and that's when the planning could have been a little better. As you will see in the video from Travis Ouelette, the 'Curshtacian' monster truck clipped the power lines with one of the first jumps before 2 pm. The event started at 2:30 pm.

The video is frightening and incredible, as parents shield their children and try to get to safety while not having any idea of what is happening. The driver of the monster truck was neither hurt nor at fault, as people expressed on Facebook.

Several people were injured, including two who were taken to the hospital. Other minor injuries were treated at the scene.

In a video, Travis isolated a father and son who escaped with minimal injuries, but were so close to having their lives changed forever.

Power was shut down in Topsham near the Topsham Fairgrounds

If you tried to go to Reny's and couldn't because they had no power, that's because it was shut down immediately after the accident until around 4:30 in the afternoon, in order to safely treat everyone involved. The Topsham Police Department said on Facebook that the Topsham Fire Department was at the event when this happened.

Topsham Police Department Facebook
Topsham Police Department Facebook

The investigation remains ongoing, and there will definitely be questions about moguls added to a track of high-flying monster trucks near power lines.

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