One of Maine's most beautiful locations is getting national attention from a vastly popular source.

Outside Magazine, a leading guide on all outdoor activities and the like, released a list of the most underrated parks in every state. The selection for Maine was a location that might surprise some, but shouldn't, because it's one of the state's most beautiful spots. The Maine representative was Camden Hills State Park.

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Now, you may be thinking, "How is this underrated? Everyone loves Camden." Everyone does love Camden. However, this list isn't about Camden or the beautiful harbor. This is about the state park that lies just outside the village. It's often overlooked when people discuss Maine's Midcoast or state parks. Mount Battie, which is found in the park, is also one of the better hikes in Maine, yet rarely gets that love.

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But Outside Magazine put the park in tremendous focus. Here is a little of what they had to say about their selection for Maine.

In summer, enjoy a morning hike up the steep 1-mile trail to Mount Battie for panoramic views of the rocky Maine coastline, nearby Penobscot Bay...Hike, bike and run on nine miles of trails of varying difficulty. When autumn hits, motor up the Mount Battie Auto Road for some of the best leaf peeping in the country, and in winter, break a sweat on miles of designated cross-country ski trails.

It is a four-season destination, and Outside Magazine does a nice job describing the variety of activities one can enjoy. This also means it's easy to access and enjoy this incredible park, even when the tourists are not flocking to the Midcoast. It's a win for all Mainers.

For a closer look at what Camden Hills State Park has to offer (including trail reports), you can check out the park's website. It's a wealth of knowledge and can help with any future planning. Have fun on the trails.

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