Now this is what you would call a very rare catch.

That is one cool-looking lobster. A true half and half. One half is blue, the other is normal. One half is male, the other female. There's no other way to explain this other than calling it what it is: an extraordinary find.

This video was posted by Jacob Knowles, a fifth-generation lobsterman here in Maine. Jake posted the video recently on his popular TikTok page, and it blew up.

This rare lobster is technically called a gynandromorph, meaning it has both male and female features. According to, this has been observed in other animals such as birds, butterflies, snakes, rodents, lizards. And, yes, other lobsters with this characteristic have been found before, too.

However, this was a first for Knowles, who is no stranger to catching some unusual and rare lobsters. He says this one might actually be the cream of the crop, even saying in the video that "This is the coolest lobster I've ever seen."

What's next for this unique lobster? Knowles actually left it up to his audience. Should he clip it and throw it back, or keep it and see if he can actually get it to harvest eggs? Here was the outcome.

Looks like Mr. Knowles has a new pet to bring home, and he's not even going to name it himself. It's a very bold strategy to leave anything up to the internet. Let's see how they did.

Bowie???? That. Is. Perfect.

As you can see in the video, Knowles has put Bowie's new home together, and is now officially back in the harbor. Nice digs, too. It  even gets a free meal.

This publicity is nothing new for the TikTok star. Knowles has gained quite an incredible following since he started posting his lobstering videos on social media. Currently, he has over two million subscribers on TikTok alone.

I highly recommend giving him a follow. It's a fascinating look at Maine's number one industry.

Best of luck, Bowie!

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