Despite high interest rates and limited inventory, Maine has remained a hot destination for homebuyers. Whether it's those who already live and work in the state or people coming from away, Maine is a place people want to be.

With that in mind, MaineBiz shared some detailed data on the most in-demand towns and cities in Maine when it comes to real estate. The key factor in determining when a town is in-demand is how dramatically the median sales price of homes went up. Typically, bigger growth in median sales price means people are hot to move there.

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If you were expecting places like Portland, Biddeford, or Kennebunk to top the list, think again. Instead, Bethel was named the most in-demand town throughout Maine for 2023. The median sales price for homes in Bethel went up by a whopping 25%.

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Bethel has always had plenty of draw thanks to its proximity to the Sunday River area. But the town itself has made strides in recent years with new restaurants, cultural events as well as new outdoor experience options. Tie those extra amenities to its already existing historic charm, and you have the most in-demand town in the state.

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Speaking of amenities, second on the list of most in-demand towns in Maine was Gorham. For years, the small town community and terrific school system have been draws for the town. But as the suburbs of Portland continue to build up, Gorham has suddenly found itself as the center between city living and outdoor recreation.

People who live in Gorham can be a 25-minute commute from work in Portland, but also a 25-minute commute from relaxation on Sebago Lake. Gorham saw a 22% median sales price rise in 2023.

MaineBiz lists off the remainder of the top 10 that features a mix of established cities and some under-the-radar towns that are growing fast in Maine.

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This does not include sales from Maine buyers or those from Puerto Rico, military bases, and other territories.

A big hat tip to Mainebiz and Maine Real Estate Systems, Inc. for the info.

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