Maine is not exactly known for being a hotbed for fast food.

Sure, there's still plenty of options across the state, but it's nothing compared to other parts of this country. For example, I went to school south of the Mason-Dixon line in a town that had more fast food joints than actual human beings (I might be exaggerating, but not by a wide margin). One of those options I had was a little place called Chick-fil-A.

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Growing up in Maine, the only time I ever saw any references to Chick-fil-A was during college football broadcasts or NASCAR races (translation: any content from the south). So, when I made the trek south for college, I was immediately thrown into the world of deliciousness that is Chick-fil-A.

It truly is the king of fast food. The chain has delicious sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and waffle fries. Plus, you can get a fried chicken and biscuit for breakfast. I didn't even know that was a thing for the first 20+ years of my life.

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After graduating, I came back home to Maine not knowing if I would ever live near a Chick-fil-A again. I mean, it's Maine. We have an amazing food scene, but are not exactly the most welcoming to chains (hello, Hooters).

However, a few decades later, here we are with two beautiful Chick-fil-A's basking in their Maine glory. But it is just the two, with no known future locations in the works.

So where does Maine fall in the Chick-fil-A power rankings? Very, very low. How low? Almost dead last.

According to World Population Review, Maine is actually tied for the third lowest number of Chick-fil-A's in the nation with Rhode Island. The only states that have fewer are Wyoming, (which has just one), and Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii (they don't have any).

The award for the most goes to Texas. The Lone Star State has an amazing 460 locations. That's a lot of waffle fries, kids.

I wonder what the future holds for Maine and Chick-fil-A. I wouldn't be surprised to see more locations eventually open. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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