Maine's most popular sandwich was recently listed as a favorite food by a worldwide audience. The lobster roll is a global sensation, folks.

The editors over at the news network CNN published a list of the best sandwiches worldwide. The site included 24 of the tastiest creations, and sure enough, the crustacean handheld made the cut.

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This list of sandwiches is a true all-star lineup, heavy hitter after heavy hitter. Sandwiches like cheesesteaks, tortas, banh mis, reubens, and po'boys are just a small sample of what can be found in this article. So, it's pretty special to see a dish that Maine has nearly cornered the market on find itself on this prestigious list.

While it may have its origins in Connecticut, nobody has perfected the lobster roll like Maine. And nowhere else is it more prevalent. It can be found from fast food joints to fine dining restaurants. In fact, I can get a lobster roll from at least seven different places within five miles of my house, and I live in a rural community.

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Maine lobster rolls come in every variety imaginable, with every possible topping you could think of. And we haven't even gotten to the bread options yet. I have seen lobster rolls on the classic hot dog bun, to large sub rolls, and even on beautifully golden puff pastry. The options and creativity seem endless.

Here is a little of why CNN included the lobster roll in best sandwich list.

...a summertime coastal treat piled with big chunks of steamed lobster meat that’s usually mixed with lemon juice, mayonnaise and herbs and tucked into a roll resembling a hot dog bun. You can find them at seafood restaurants across the United States. But a classic lobster shack on the stretch of coastline from Maine to Connecticut will make for a scenic backdrop that’s hard to beat.

Founded in New England, perfected by Maine, and loved by all. It's a true American classic that the whole world has fallen for, and just another example of how Maine and New England continues to show how to live right.

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