Living in Maine for 24 years now, it always surprises me when I hear a new town name that I’ve never heard of, but it probably shouldn’t. According to Wikipedia, Maine has 430 towns (along with 23 cities), and states that New Hampshire has just over half of that number with 221 towns. 

I also found it interesting that at least five known towns share names between Maine and New Hampshire. Yes, these towns bear identical names, yet each have their own distinct charm and character.


Lebanon, Maine, is known by locals as picturesque and quiet, as it's mostly rural landscapes, forests, and farmland.

Lebanon, New Hampshire, is a mix of rural and suburban areas, with access to the Connecticut River and nearby mountain ranges. It also appears to have a more diversified economy and a wider variety of amenities and services, likely due to its proximity to larger urban cities like the state's capital of Concord.


Littleton, New Hampshire, is a charming small town known for its historic Main Street with local shops and cafes, along with nearby outdoor recreational opportunities.

Littleton, Maine, is located way up in the county. It’s a rural town with a population of around only 1,000 people, with residents living the simple life and outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling. 


Located just about 20 minutes from Portland, Gorham, Maine, is known for being a vibrant college town, as it’s the home of one of the two USM campuses. The town has a lively atmosphere with a diverse student population, and also has picturesque landscapes including parks, trails, and nearby natural attractions like Sebago Lake.

Gorham, New Hampshire, has that charming small-town atmosphere, but is probably best known as a gateway to the White Mountains, with several hotels in use by tourists. It's so close to Wildcat Ski Mountain and great hiking trails like Mt. Washington itself.


Durham, Maine, is probably best known for its rural character, agricultural heritage, and scenic beauty. I’ve noticed it to be a very quiet town with hard-to-come-by real estate, which leads me to believe it has a lot of long-time residents that love their town and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 

Durham, New Hampshire, is most known as the home of the University of New Hampshire (UNH), one of the flagship universities in the state, making it that vibrant college community that you would expect from a college town. 


Madison, Maine, has a close-knit community with strong ties to its agricultural roots. Local farms and farmers' markets will often be happening, along with community events and festivals celebrating the town's heritage. But it is primarily known for its historical ties to the paper industry. 

Madison, New Hampshire, is known for its small-town charm and tight-knit community. Lakes and hiking trails attract visitors that will often travel just a few minutes to North Conway, so they can enjoy the large number of local shops and restaurants.

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