A brand-new map is shining light on America's most popular side dishes.

The culinary creators over at Taste of Home decided to take a deep dive into Thanksgiving's most delicious attributes, the sides. The site posted a map derived from poll results done by Campbell's. It was all part of the soup company's 'State of the Sides' survey, where they received data from 5,000 Americans. You can read more it the methodology here.

Maine's most popular side was a fine choice. Heck, it was a very fine choice. The Pine Tree State selected stuffing.

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I'm so proud of Mainers. Unlike the 'Favorite Halloween Candy' debacle, this is the absolute correct choice for best Thanksgiving side.

Stuffing (and/or dressing) is the ultimate side dish. It's a versatile side that gives your pallet a diverse array of flavors. Some folks add sausage. Others will add fresh or dried fruits. Many like to includes nuts. Whether it's in the bird or out, it's going to be delicious.

And is there anything more flavorful than the seasoning used in stuffing? Heavy hitters like sage, thyme, rosemary, and marjoram elevate stuffing to the highest levels of deliciousness.

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Getty Images

But we all know the real star. It's the butter bread. Whether its homemade, cornbread, an artisanal loaf, or just some standard white bread, nothing compares to when that gluten soaks up all those flavors in the pan. It truly helps create the perfect Thanksgiving bite.

A huge congratulations to Vermont, Ohio, Arkansas, New Jersey, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Wisconsin for correctly choosing stuffing as the best side dish. You have all officially become areas of interest for me.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. And remember, no meal is complete without the stuffing.

Check out the entire map here.

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