As anyone who lives in Maine already knows, the state is an outdoor paradise. It doesn't matter what season or region; Maine is a 365-day playground. So, it should come to no surprise that one of the state's most popular outdoor activities was just nationally recognized.

The outdoor enthusiast blog Fod Sports recently released a list of the best trail systems in America for snowmobiling. One of those selected was Maine. However, it wasn't just a single trail system. Instead, the entire state was selected. That's quite an impressive feat.

The reason why the entire state was selected is due to the vastly impressive Interconnected Trail System or ITS. This trail network consists of thousands of miles of trails that stretch from Southern Maine to the farthest reaches of Aroostook County.

Maine Snowmobile Association
Maine Snowmobile Association

The best word to describe it is 'epic'. The fact that all of these trails are connected throughout the state proves how much Maine respects its outdoor enthusiasts. It also gives a rider a unique perspective of many of Maine's regions, like the Western Foothills, Katahdin Region, and Downeast.

Here is a little more of why Fod Sports selected Maine as one of the best places in America to snowmobile.

Their Interconnected Path System (ITS) flaunts 3,500 miles of snow sled trails that can take you around the state...A number of these tracks connect with the added 10,000 miles of snow sled trails in Maine, too. And if that's inadequate to convince you that Maine is a leading snowmobiler location, the beautiful surface, regular wild animal sightings, and friendly towns along the trail system will certainly ensure you have a great flight.

That is quite the endorsement from the popular outdoors site. It's also yet another example of outsiders realizing how amazing this state truly is.

Congrats to our wonderful state on the national love. As a Mainer, it's easy to feel a sense of pride when it gets recognition, especially when it's well-deserved like this.

Here's a link to the Maine Snow Mobile Association. It's a great resource to help you get started. Happy sledding, folks. And stay safe out there.


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