Portland Ranked Number 1

Congratulations are in order for our beloved Portland, Maine. It was named the best city to live in (mid-size cities, those with a population between 25,000 – 99,999).

Maine's largest city finished with a livability score of 68. That trounced the national average of 48, putting Portland in the top half of all communities in the United States.

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The rankings are based on a methodology created by the AARP, to try and best represent each municipality. Scored categories include housing, neighborhoods, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity. You can read more about the methodology here.

Portland's highest score came in engagement. The city was praised for its inclusion, high voting percentage, internet availability, as well as community events and outreach.

The city also scored well in transportation. Portland got high marks on its walkability, bike lanes, and bus system.

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Some of the lower scores came in categories one would expect. Housing availability was easily one of the lowest scores. That's been an ongoing issue in Portland for what seems like decades now.

Another low score came in the opportunity category. Maine has a lower number of high-paying positions compared to other states. It's also one of the oldest states in the country, which negatively affects the job force.

However, even with a few lower scores, Portland still averages out on top.

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Portland is a special place, and these scores back it up. But you know what else does? Amazing food, delicious craft beer, exciting night life, unique history, beautiful scenery, a working waterfront, delightful art scene, great proximity to outdoor recreation, and did I say amazing food?

Congrats to Portland on the big win. It's exciting to watch the city continue to grow into its own.

Interested where other cities finished? Here's a link to the rest of the results.

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