Who doesn't love comfort food?

There's nothing like stuffing your face with heavy, calorie-filled, debaucherous food to satisfy the pallet and soul. Of course, it's special this time of year, when comfort food is the primary star of one holiday, and a secondary character in the other.

While it's a big thing for the early winter holidays, the comfort food craze is truly a year-long commitment. Spring has Easter and candy. Summer has BBQ and more BBQ. Fall has stews and bakes. Then we get right back to winter. It's amazing we aren't all 1500 lbs.

With comfort food being such a big factor in the American lifestyle, one website decided to find out which ones are the most popular. And that's exactly what WalletHub did, with a recent study establishing every state's favorite comfort food. The study was part of a larger project, examining weight and other health conditions. You can read more about the methodology here.

Maine's most popular is...well...not surprising at all. It's probably what you would have guessed. However, there's nothing wrong with a little unoriginality, especially when it comes to this category. That's because Maine's most popular comfort food is the one and only lobster roll.

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While it may have its origins in Connecticut, nobody loves and has perfected the lobster roll like Mainers. And nowhere else is it more prevalent. It can be found from fast food joints to fine dining restaurants. In fact, I can get a fresh lobster roll from at least seven different places within five miles of my house, and I live in a rural community.

Maine lobster rolls come in every variety imaginable, with every possible topping you could think of. And we haven't even gotten to the bread options yet. I have seen lobster rolls on the classic hot dog bun, large sub rolls, and even beautifully golden puff pastries. The options and creativity seem endless.

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According to WalletHub, the average calories per serving is a hefty 507. That's pretty impressive considering a slice of deep-dish pizza is only 329 and buffalo wings are just 264. This means you probably want to limit yourself to just one at a sitting.

Lobster rolls are also a perfectly acceptable comfort food for any time of the year, but will clearly continue to be a summer classic.

Founded in New England. Perfected and loved by Mainers. It's a true American comfort food classic. I'm proud to call this our state's most popular comfort food.

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