Talk about THE place to live. The Northeast commanded eight of the top 10 searches around the country into 2024 on the popular real estate website Zillow. Seven of those are right here in New England.

Meanwhile, even though there aren't any towns in Maine to make that top 10, South Portland, Maine, was the most popular seaside town searched on Zillow for 2023, according to the website. Congrats to the Portland area. That is, if you don't mind the possibility of having new neighbors and a growing community.

Zillow says that homes in South Portland basically sold after just a week on the market. Meanwhile, the second and third most searched seaside towns keep us right here in New England in the Connecticut towns of West Haven and Milford.

Now, drum roll please. Here are your top searched towns on Zillow, according to the website. As you'll see, except for two towns in Ohio, the Northeast ruled, with New England holding seven of those top 10 spots (three New Hampshire towns and four in Connecticut).

The top 10 most popular markets on Zillow of 2023:

  1. West Chester, Pennsylvania
  2. Nashua, New Hampshire
  3. Manchester, New Hampshire
  4. Wethersfield, Connecticut
  5. West Hartford, Connecticut
  6. Stow, Ohio
  7. Middletown, Connecticut
  8. Twinsburg, Ohio
  9. Newington, Connecticut
  10. Concord, New Hampshire

According to Zillow, it measures various statistics to come up with its annual year-end list. For 2023, Zillow says it analyzed consumer demand around the country, pageview traffic statewide, towns with the most pageviews, home value growth, and how many days homes in the various towns were on the market.

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