Union elections were held across the country last night, according to a press release, and the Starbucks on Portsmouth Avenue in Stratham, New Hampshire, has unionized.

Rochester, New Hampshire, was the first location in the state to unionize.

The others included in the election last night are in:

  • Salem, Oregon
  • Chanhassen, Minnesotta
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Davenport, Iowa

According to indepthnh.org, Starbucks has been accused of disregarding labor laws, specifically, the obligation to "bargain fairly" with unionized workers.

People should be treated fairly, of that there is no doubt. But the optimist in me says there must be two sides to this story.  Why are Starbucks employees feeling disrespected, and why is Starbucks being accused of not listening to them?

It's hard for me to go hard in one direction or the other when I don't have all the facts.  My father used to swear that I should have been a judge.  I want to know all the facts before laying down a verdict.  I like to think that it was the influence of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may she rest in peace.  I had been blessed to live on the planet as the same time as her, and I learned from her behavior (#true).

The bottom line for me is, if I can get my Grande Cold Brew prepared by someone who is happy with their job, it makes the coffee taste better.  I definitely don't want it prepared by someone who feels disrespected or angry behind the counter.  Bitterness and coffee don't mix, so I hope they are happy.

Maybe this will spread to other parts of the state?  What do you think of unions?

Maybe you'll just go to Dunks?

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