There is nothing more heartbreaking than the death of a dog, but New Hampshire State Trooper K9 Grunt was something special.

If Only They Could Live Forever

According to the New Hampshire State Trooper's Association's Facebook page, K9 Grunt was a 13-year-old Belgian Mallinois Shephard assigned to Sargeant Gary Ingham.  He was also the New Hampshire Police SWAT unit.  Together, Sargeant Ingham and K9 Grunt made many criminal arrests together.

Grunt was also responsible for the safeguarding of New Hampshire citizens.

A Good Boy and Breed

According to, the Belgian Malinois is a herding dog.  A big strength is working with law enforcement for sniffing out drugs, bombs, and gas.  K9 Grunt, if true to his breed, was also good at assisting disabled, sick, and elderly people.  The breed wants nothing more than to be with their family.

I can't imagine how Sergeant Ingham feels about losing not only such a loyal coworker, but a trusted friend.

New Hampshire State Trooper K9 Program

According to, K9's have been part of New Hampshire State Police work since 1963.  They are trained for search and rescue, detecting drugs, bombs, and gunshot residue.

The K9 units are also involved in searching for lost hikers.

There is nothing like a loyal dog.  I have had several in my life, but the one that I remember most was my German Shepherd, Summer.  She was incredibly protective of the family, but not overly so.  Summer was the type of dog that if she didn't like you, I didn't either.  I trusted her instincts, as I'm sure Sergeant Ingham did with K9 Grunt.

Thank you K9 Grunt. May your trip across the rainbow bridge be filled with treats and lots of canine family members to greet you.  Thank you for your protection, loyalty, and love.

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