Salem, New Hampshire, is Home to One of the Best Amusement Parks in the Country

If you are not familiar with Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire, I'm afraid you've missed out on one of the happiest, best amusement parks in the world.  I'm not alone in thinking that either.  The park was voted one of the best in the whole country, according to 

The article cites "Untamed" as the hottest ride at Canobie Lake Park.  Although the article liked this ride, I am saying, "No thank you."  They have all kinds of warnings about going on this ride, and I've seen many people lose their lunch after they've been on it.  But you do you.

Canobie Lake Park – Our Favorite Things

You may have heard the story before (I have to get some new material), but my family went to Canobie Lake Park every year when I was a kid.  Back in "those days," you could bring your own food into the park and have a picnic by the water.  Not anymore.

There are some things about Canobie that never change, and we love that.  Here are a few favorite attractions that have been there forever, to take you down Nostalgia Lane.

The Bumper Cars

How fun are the Bumper Cars?  They now have smaller ones for the smaller kids.

The Sky Ride

If you've ever been on a ski lift, it's exactly the same as the Sky Ride, with beautiful views of the whole park.

The Yankee Cannonball

I remember praying that I wouldn't die on this ride the first time I went. Then after the first ride, I think I rode it four times in a row.  It's a wooden rollercoaster, which makes it even more thrilling.

The Crazy Cups

The Crazy Cups were my first "thrill ride."  Not too fast, but fast enough to scream with delight!  I loved those things.

The Water Park

Castaway Island didn't exist when I went to the park as a kid.  All they had was a swimming pool like the Jenny Thompson Outdoor pool in Dover, and it wasn't even that nice.  It was really just a swimming pool, but I loved it.

Discount on Canobie Lake Park Tickets

If you've been going to Canobie Lake Park as long as I have, you might get sticker shock from the cost of the admission, which is why, if you're like me, you'll take any discount offered.  For a couple days (May 11 & 12, 2024), they are offering "up to $19 off ONLINE ONLY."  So you can get a ticket for $45 that's regularly priced at $59 - $64.  The ticket are good for any day, including "Screeemfest."

Opening day is Saturday, May 18, 2024.

What was your favorite ride?

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