CBS and all the other media are all over New Hampshire because of its First in the Nation status.  As Granite Staters, we know this, and are used to big media outlets in our state. But it's still cool when they walk through the door.

My niece-in-law, Alex Sullivan, co-owns two nail salons, Buff & File, with Andree Connell.  The first salon opened in 2014, and there are now two locations in Portsmouth: one downtown, and the other on Route 1.

Their team has grown to over 20+ employees.

Recently, the family text thread (you may also have one with your family) got a text from my brother John Sullivan with a video from CBS Mornings.

There was our Alex, giving a manicure to co-anchor Tony Dokoupil, talking about the economy.

As Alex was concentrating on his nails, Andree talked about how well the business has been doing during the pandemic.

You can watch the full video below:

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

How did this all happen?  That was the first question on my mind.  The video looks like the guy just walked around town and just showed up, but there was a little more to it than that.

CBS actually reached out to a friend of Alex's who owns a retail boutique right around the corner in Portsmouth, and she gave them Buff & File's contact info.

The absolute best part of this whole thing was when Gayle King (you know, Oprah's best friend?) said this to Tony as he was praising the New Hampshire spot after getting his nails done:

I was noticing the Buff & File Nail Bar, thinking that place looks like a really nice place to get your stuff done. So bravo to them!

Well, Gayle, I think I can speak for Alex here. You and and Oprah are invited anytime you want.

Alex and I were texting a bit and she said the cutest thing: "I'm basically on Oprah's list of favorite things now."

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