Ouch. This one hurts, since the food court is such a part of the Costco routine for so many people when they carve out plans to shop at one of the country's most popular wholesale big box stores.

I mean, a store only recently opened in Scarborough, Maine, and it's already time to say goodbye? Although maybe those club members are lucky, because they weren't used to this favorite item.

Whenever I go to Costco in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, I'm all about getting the Lipton raspberry iced tea and a pretzel to walk around with. Whenever I went, I was excited to treat myself to the items while roaming the big aisle-ways and looking at things I didn't need. You too?

I mean, most shoppers include Costco's food court in their shopping plans, considering the array of choices and cheap prices. You could do the whole 'lunch' thing with pizza and a salad, the popular hot dog and soda, or a sub to go.

Isn't there a joking meme saying that even if you just go to Costco or Target for a few items, you'll never get out of there for under $300? But I digress.

But boooo on you, Costco, for removing this item that isn't easy to find. And it's apparently happening in all Costco stores across the country.

Costco via Facebook
Costco via Facebook

Luckily, it's not the pretzel that Costco is bidding farewell to, but rather the churro. I've enjoyed those during shopping trips, because it's not like you can find them all over. But sadly, no more churros for us. This is a bummer, and according to the Today Show, social media hounds are bummed.

They've replaced it with a giant double chocolate chip cookie.

According to the Finance Buzz website, for Costco to make space for the cookie, the powers that be decided to discontinue the churro. And need I state the obvious – that cookies like these are easily found everywhere?

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