I feel like part of the '80s has died.

Express Clothing Store has filed bankruptcy and listed one store in New Hampshire and three in Massachusetts to close.  Here are the four listed in the filing:

  • Address2 Common Ct Space H-40, North Conway, NH
  • Address20-36 District Ave, Dorchester, MA
  • Address109 Newbury St, Boston, MA 
  • Address200 N Dartmouth Mall, North Dartmouth, MA

According to Marketwatch.com, there will be a "substantial number" of employee terminations.

Not all Express locations in New England are on the list, which is good news.  Manchester, Salem, and Nashua, New Hampshire, are not on the list.  Neither is Kittery, Maine.

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Why Are They Closing These Stores?

Well, obviously it comes down to money, but why aren't they making it?  I can speculate by saying they have really nice clothes that were never out of my price range.  Maybe people just don't dress up anymore?

Express Started in 1980

I feel like Express was a big part of my 1980s experience here in New Hampshire.  When I was a young teenager, there was a cool new clothing store at the Pheasant Lane Mall called "Express," and I loved it.  The bold colors, the shoulder pads, and the selection was amazing.  I was a regular customer.  We are hearing of closings all over the place, it seems, but this one really stings.  The Pheasant Lane Mall Express, by the way, is not on the list of closings.

I am not one who shops for clothes online.  Maybe that's where everyone is going these days, but I am not that person.  Where do you go these days for clothes that are kind of dressy?  I am not the type to wear sweatshirts (really ever).  I like to put on nice clothes.  Macy's was another good bet to find nice clothes, but it seems like they are in danger too. 

Did you ever shop at Express?

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